Implementing BFS in JavaScript

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In my previous blog I have introduced how to implement the graph data structure in JavaScript. Now, let’s see how to implement BFS (Breadth-first search) in JavaScript.

When we implement BFS, we need to use queue, also as known as FIFO(first-in, first-out).

Now we want to see if there is friendship between two people. Below is an example we want to know if Viv is friend with Carlos:

We check the console we will know:

In the first step, we started with ‘Viv’ and it is the only person in the queue for now, and visit all Viv’s friends who are Peter and Diane. Then we pushed them in the queue and marked Viv as visited. Then in our queue, now we have Peter and Diane, we found Peter’s friend is Viv, because we have been visited Viv, so we take out Peter from our queue and marked as visited. Then starting explore Diane’s friends who are Carlos and Viv. Therefore we found our target Carlos.




Full-Stack Web Developer, Flatiron School Grad

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Full-Stack Web Developer, Flatiron School Grad

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